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Prayer. It’s the one thing the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to do. We see Jesus in the scriptures praying constantly, often escaping the crowds to find a place to talk with His Father. If Jesus took the time to set aside the business of life to talk with God, how much more should we?

During the month of October, Freedom Point will be pursuing this very important part of our Christian life together. We often pray when we have needs, which is indeed what we’re supposed to do, but what if prayer was more like a conversation? What if we could grow in our confidence that the same God that made the stars, really hears our voice? What if we could hear the Lord’s voice in response to our prayers? What if prayer was a way for us to walk in love and live out our faith?

The focus of prayer during this time will include the Sunday morning messages, our small group studies, the children’s curriculum, and the Youth Group messages. We are encouraging everyone to plug in and commit to this short season of prayer focus, so that we can grow as individuals, families, and as a church family all in connection to God.

 Ways to Get Involved