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Prayer. We see throughout the entirety of the scriptures, people praying together. Esther called the people of God to pray, and all of Israel was saved. Jesus said to pray this way: “Our Father…” When the disciples were in the upper room, they were in one accord. Believers were gathered praying when Peter’s jail cell was shaken open. Even in our own lives - do you have stories where people have gotten together to pray and God has responded?

In this season, everyone is encouraged to join a small group and commit to this 40 days of diving deeper into prayer. Small groups will be studying along with Sunday morning’s messages, and joining together to pray for each other and with each other.

Small Groups:

Mondays @ 6:30P

Tuesdays @ 630P - Trevor & Kami Smith, at their home

Wednesdays @ 7P - Devin & Heather Yoder, at Freedom Point Church

Thursdays @ 630P

To join a small group, talk to Devin Yoder, the individual group leaders directly, or fill out this form.

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Adults and Kids!