James (pt 1) - The Marks Of A Mature Person

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Pastor Mike delves into some rich truths in the book of James, and starts a new series. He points out that age does not equal maturity, because maturity is about how we respond to events and moments in life. There are 5 marks he highlights from James:

  1. A mature person is positive under pressure. James 1:2-4 says that perseverance finishes it’s work in us so that we may be complete, mature, and lacking nothing!

  2. A mature person is sensitive to people. James 2:12-17…Mercy triumphs over judgment, and faith without works is dead!

  3. A mature person has mastered his mouth. James 3:2 says if you can keep your words in check, you can keep everything else in check too. Say the things that are beneficial in the situation.

  4. A mature person is a peacemaker and not a troublemaker. James 4:1-3 says heart-level selfishness makes us troublemakers, but we should check our motives and then ask the Lord! Ask ‘how can I make peace for them in their lives, in this situation.’

  5. A mature person is patient and prayerful. James 5:7-8 says that God lives in eternity, outside of time…so we must be patient. Our prayers, when we have confessed our sins and received forgiveness, are powerful and effective.

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