James (pt 2) - The Wise Way To Make Decisions

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James 1:5-8

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with indecision? Pastor Mike talks about how not knowing what to do - from simple things to which restaurant to go to, to major decisions like college choice or who to marry. We can be pretty good at figuring things out on our own, but James admonishes us to get wisdom. Wisdom is what to do with the knowledge you have!

James was Jesus’ half brother. He wasn’t a sold out follower until after Jesus’ resurrection. James would ultimately be thrown off a building and the. Beat to death with clubs rather than deny Jesus’ deity. James was the leader of the church in Jerusalem.

This is such a practical book! Last week Pastor Mike talked through how James describes maturity - this week he takes us through James’ directions for being a decision maker!

James 1:5-8 if you lack wisdom, ask the generous God and He’ll give it without the I told you so’s! But make sure you don’t doubt when you ask!

Fear of making the wrong decision stems from our history of pain from them.

The problem: we are double minded! How we see things vs how God sees things. (Or we’re afraid that God won’t give us wisdom and we will not be rescued by God!) Think about giant ocean waves that keep breaking us and breaking over us...v8 is talking about those kind of big waves, not just little rises in the water!

The prescription: Get some wisdom! Wisdom is taking knowledge and rightly applying it to our lives. Small decisions and big decisions affect our lives.

Step 1: Admit your need. Who doesn’t need wisdom... everyone needs wisdom! Prob 11:2 - with humility comes wisdom

Step 2: ASK! He gives generously without finding fault. Prob 2:6-the Lord grants wisdom!

Step 3: Anticipate it! Have confidence we’re praying to a God who hears and will give it...it’s not like throwing a penny in a well and “hoping” but rather in full expectation

The promise: God WILL give it! The best path you can take in life every time is the one that God laid out for us. Getting wisdom from God over time, you get to know what He is like. Talking continually to God and reading His word consistently grows our understanding of His word and His ways!

The decisions we make need to come from the God of all the universe - not from all the stuff around us. Let’s spend time this week on our knees as families, couples, individuals... that we’d get the wisdom that is pure and from above.

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