James (pt 4) - How to Treat People Right

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The Lord Jesus was the only perfect man to ever live, and the way we see Him treat people is so far beyond what we often see in typical churches and even our own lives. Pastor Mike shares about a time when a young man came to a church he was attending, and was obviously struggling with some major issues. But, yet here he was in a church - despite of and because of his need for help. After most people had left after that church service, someone came up to Mike and said ‘you know, I was going to talk to that kid but...I couldn’t get over the fact that he wore a ball cap in a church. I couldn’t talk to someone who was so disrespectful.’

The scriptures say if we break any law at all, we are a lawbreaker. We shouldn’t show favoritism- because we all need the power of the blood, we are all the same before the Lord. James is encouraging the young church to create an environment where all are valued, accepted, and all are built up and encouraged. We must always call sin what it is - but always love the person for whom Jesus’ blood is in the sand... just like it is for us.

James 2:1-12

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