Philippians (pt 3) - Learning How To Live A Life Of Loss

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Remember that Paul is in prison, which was much different than prison today! He’s writing to a persecuted church to safeguard their faith in times where people who do evil try to kill them and destroy their confidence in what Christ has done for them.

Pastor Mike pulls from this passage the encouragement of the Holy Spirit through Paul’s letter, to purposefully rejoice in the Lord who never sleeps, never lies, and made everything by His Word! Knowing God is infinitely more valuable than anything, and we should always press on no matter what, because of the heavenly prize of the knowledge of Him! If anybody was going to have confidence in his own was Paul! But he says it’s worthless...that word worthless is yuckier than camel dung!

Jesus came as the fulfillment of the law, and He gave a new covenant based on His righteous acts, not our own! Gods word was not made to change for us, but for it to change us. It wasn’t written for a particular generation but to all generations. We aren’t better than the Word, but are made better because of the Word.

Heather YoderComment