Who Do You Say I Am? (pt 10) - Jesus the Servant

WDYSIA pt 10.jpg

How...how is the greatest one, the one that serves?

Every one of us that has ever lived (to this point, and in the future!) follows some form of philosophy to shape how we think and what we do. All of us are lead by something - how can we decide which is the 'greatest' philosophy to follow? In John 13, we see what's called the last supper. In Luke's gospel, the disciples argue about who should be the greatest in the kingdom of Jesus...they didn't have a grasp of what the Kingdom of Jesus would really look like! So Jesus demonstrated what greatness in the kingdom really looks like by serving them in the lowest form of service in the household - He washed their feet. What does that mean for us, for our every day lives?

Heather YoderComment