Who Do You Say I Am? (pt 11) - Jesus the King, and the Triumphal Entry

WDYSIA pt 11.jpg

If Jesus was a King, why did He weep when the people honored his entry into Jerusalem?

It's important to understand the context of the Triumphal Entry. We need to know what Jesus was like in order to trust and follow Him - He is the visible representation of the invisible God according to Colossians. Why wasn't He a 'king' in that He had a throne in Jerusalem, a staff of people that did His bidding? Why didn't he have piles of gold and armies, and defeat the enemies of His people the Jews? What kind of King was Jesus? Luke 19 details the Triumphal entry, and Pastor Mike discusses what Jesus was really like, and what His Kingship is really about.

Heather Yoder