Kidpoint childrens’ ministry


Here at Kid Point, the children’s ministry of Freedom Point Church, our mission is pretty simple:

We want to lead children in a growing relationship with Christ while also helping them grow in community with each other. We do this through providing Sunday morning Children’s Church classes along with several other fun events for kids and families throughout the year.

Childrens’ Church Classes

Nursery (Newborns - three-year-olds):

Our nursery provides parents with a safe, nurturing place for their infants and toddlers to stay during the church service. This also allows parents the opportunity to fully enjoy the worship service.

PreK-Kindergarten Class:

This class provides younger children with the opportunity to engage in age-appropriate lessons and activities while their parents enjoy the worship service. Each week, your child will learn a new Bible story with accompanying activities and memory verses. They will also participate in music time where they will learn fun, upbeat songs that cement their learning.This class gives your kiddos the perfect opportunity to make new friends, have lots of fun, and, most importantly, learn about God!

1st-3rd Grade Class:

Our 1st-3rd Grade class is the perfect place for younger elementary aged kids to grow and learn while their parents attend the worship service. In this class, students will learn a new Bible story each week and be challenged to apply their learning to their own lives. They will also participate in accompanying activities, memory verses, and music time. Our hope is that as our 1st-3rd graders continue to grow physically each week, that they also grow spiritually and in relationship with one another.

4th-6th Grade Class:

The 4th-6th grade class helps older elementary students grow in their faith before entering their teen years. In order to provide our 4th-6th graders with a challenging but age-appropriate worship time, we request that these students stay in the sanctuary during opening announcements and worship music. Afterwards, they are dismissed to their classroom where they engage in discussions, games, and activities centered around a Bible story. These students are at the perfect age to engage in deep, meaningful discussion, but still have a lot of fun!

Kid Point Events:

In order to provide our Kid Point kids and families with opportunities to build community with each other, Kid Point hosts several fun events throughout the year. These have included an end-of-summer pool party, Fall Fun Night, Christmas Party, Valentine’s Tea Party, and more! We love to host these events because it gives our kids and opportunity to just be kids while also building positive, impactful relationships.

Obviously, the leaders at Kid Point think that our kids have lots of fun. But don’t take our word for it, let’s hear from the kids!

What do you like most about Kid Point?

“I like to talk and draw pictures about what we talk about.” - Colton S., 1st Grade

“It’s fun! And we get candy sometimes.” - Rhilynde M., 4th Grade

“Children’s church is fun because we get to make stuff and color. Everyone is awesome!.” - Sawyer S., 1st Grade

“The teachers are really nice and we get to do fun music every week.” - Riley L., 2nd Grade

“Talking about the stories and the worksheets.” - Brecklyn S., 3rd Grade

“Because at music, if we dance, we get candy!” - Conrad M., 2nd Grade

“My favorite thing is the fun games and we also get to learn about Jesus.” - Jase L., Kindergarten

“I like the Bible stories and seeing friends.” - Wyatt M., 5th Grade

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